Becoming a member

A prospective member of the O:.V:.C:. must:·     


* Be at least 18 years of age.·     

* Have a belief in a God, a Supreme Being, or a guiding intelligence in the world.·     

* Lead a stable and well-balanced life.·     

* Be open to a non-dogmatic Judeo-Christian symbolic structure.·     

* Be prepared to do his or her own work with the Martinist symbolism and tradition. 



It should be noted that membership in the Order requires physical presence for initiations, etc.; we do not offer “online memberships”. That being said, we are quite open to “long-distance” members, as long as they have the ability to attend physical gatherings at least a couple of times a year. Remember that membership in a Martinist Order is a serious undertaking, to be entered into based in a genuine longing for illumination.

The Order currently has the following active temples:

No. 1. Novikov (the Grand Temple).
No 2. Western Sweden.

No. 3. Stockholm/Uppsala region.

No. 4. Lund (southern Sweden).


If you are interested, please get in touch with us using the form under "Contact" in the menu above.